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Global Vipassana Pagoda

Structures in the Complex

Myanmar Gate

  • The Myanmar Gate is a massive entrance arch to the Global Vipassana Pagoda complex, from the under-construction MMRDA road.
  • Seven tiers will rise from the roof of the arch to the top.
  • Two side entrances will act as associate entrances as well.
  • It is done in intricate Burmese designs.

Buddha Statue

  • The Buddha statue is carved from a single rock of marble, and weighs nearly 80 MT, is 21.5' high.
  • The Buddha is carved in a seated, meditative posture.
  • The statue is painted over the white marble, giving the statue a more life-like view.
  • The seat upon which the Buddha is seated is 3' high, and contiguous with the rest of the statue.
  • Four scenes from the Buddha's life are also shown, as mini-dioramas carved into the front part of the seat. These four are, from left to right: Birth of the Buddha, Enlightenment of the Buddha, Setting the Wheel of Dhamma in motion, Passing away of the Buddha
  • Exquisite designs have been made with intricate artwork in making the throne of the Buddha behind the actual statue.
  • An RCC umbrella has been hung over the statue. Bells similar to the ones hanging on the umbrella over the Main Pagoda have been attached here as well.

Bell Tower

  • The Bell tower is an open structure designed in the traditional Burmese architecture holding a massive bell.
  • The bell, donated by the people of Myanmar, was cast there and imported to India.
  • It is roughly 14 MT in weight and 8' high.
  • The RCC pillars holding up the rod and the bell have been decorated with four 'deva' like sculptures surrounding the bell, each about 14' high.
  • The complete tower has been made up in intricate designs reflecting Burmese culture.

Gong Tower

  • The Gong Tower is a mirror image of the Bell Tower.
  • Instead of a Bell, this tower will have a massive circular Gong.

The important projects under various stages of construction are:

1. Beautification of the Global Vipassana Pagoda

Much work remains in putting up ornamental designs on the Pagoda, decorating the canopy, canopy pillars, and the verses (dohas) on the Pagoda walls. The Parikrama path will be laid with marble (to ease walking barefoot even on hot days). Estimated cost of completion of these projects is Rs. 12.5 million (US $260,000).

2. Landscaping around the Global Vipassana Pagoda

Landscaping the outer areas of the Pagoda, building parks and roads, laying water lines etc. will require about Rs. 25 million (US $ 530,000).

3. Construction of Guest Houses

Guest houses are essential to ensure the comfort of visitors to the Global Vipassana Pagoda and are under construction presently.