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Global Vipassana Pagoda

Structures in the Complex

Myanmar Gate

  • The Myanmar Gate is a massive entrance arch to the Global Vipassana Pagoda complex, from the under-construction MMRDA road.
  • Seven tiers will rise from the roof of the arch to the top.
  • Two side entrances will act as associate entrances as well.
  • It is done in intricate Burmese designs.

Buddha Statue

  • The Buddha statue is carved from a single rock of marble, and weighs nearly 80 MT, is 21.5' high.
  • The Buddha is carved in a seated, meditative posture.
  • The statue is painted over the white marble, giving the statue a more life-like view.
  • The seat upon which the Buddha is seated is 3' high, and contiguous with the rest of the statue.
  • Four scenes from the Buddha's life are also shown, as mini-dioramas carved into the front part of the seat. These four are, from left to right: Birth of the Buddha, Enlightenment of the Buddha, Setting the Wheel of Dhamma in motion, Passing away of the Buddha
  • Exquisite designs have been made with intricate artwork in making the throne of the Buddha behind the actual statue.
  • An RCC umbrella has been hung over the statue. Bells similar to the ones hanging on the umbrella over the Main Pagoda have been attached here as well.

Bell Tower

  • The Bell tower is an open structure designed in the traditional Burmese architecture holding a massive bell.
  • The bell, donated by the people of Myanmar, was cast there and imported to India.
  • It is roughly 14 MT in weight and 8' high.
  • The RCC pillars holding up the rod and the bell have been decorated with four 'deva' like sculptures surrounding the bell, each about 14' high.
  • The complete tower has been made up in intricate designs reflecting Burmese culture.

Gong Tower

  • The Gong Tower is a mirror image of the Bell Tower.
  • Instead of a Bell, this tower will have a massive circular Gong.