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Vipassana Meditation - The need of the hour

Developments in the fields of science and technology, in transportation, communications, agriculture and medicine, have revolutionized human life at the material level. But, in actuality, this progress is only superficial: underneath, modern men and women are living in conditions of great mental and emotional stress, even in developed and affluent countries.

The problems arising out of racial, ethnic, sectarian and caste prejudices affect the citizens of every country. Poverty, warfare, weapons of mass destruction, disease, drug addiction, the threat of terrorism, epidemic, environmental devastation and the general decline of moral values — all cast a dark shadow on the future of civilization. One need only glance at the front page of a daily newspaper to be reminded of the acute suffering and deep despair which afflict the inhabitants of our planet.

Is there a way out of these seemingly insolvable problems? The answer is unequivocally, yes. All over the world today, the winds of change are readily apparent. People everywhere are eager to find a method which can bring peace and harmony restore confidence in the efficacy of wholesome human qualities; and create an environment of freedom and security from all types of exploitation — social, religious and economic. Vipassana can be such a method.

There is clear evidence of people changing, getting transformed, getting over anger, avarice and conceit. People addicted to drugs and intoxicants have come out of their malady. The cruel have become kind and the rowdy, disciplined. There has been substantial improvement in the efficiency of people and in their inter-personal relations. Students have done better in their studies; professionals have become more effective. Several studies made on Vipassana bear ample testimony to its efficacy. In the present context, therefore, the message of Vipassana is very relevant. 

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