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Ongoing Projects

Donating for the Global Vipassana Pagoda's Ongoing Projects

Global Vipassana Pagoda is a monument in memory of Sayagyi U Ba Khin for whom all of us have feelings of great respect and gratitude. Therefore it is appropriate that this monument should be of world class and last for centuries.

The construction of the Global Vipassana Pagoda is now complete. It has taken over 11 years to build. Apart from the cost of land, about . 800 million (US $16.8 million) have been spent in the construction of the Pagoda.

Many Vipassana meditato from India and around the world have peonally contributed to it and gained boundless merits. The Global Vipassana Pagoda is unique among the historical monuments of the world. It is therefore essential that the Pagoda awesome size should be matched by an elegant exterior and surroundings.

A major portion of beautification projects of the Pagoda are pending. Therefore, all connected with the worldwide Vipassana mission in their individual capacity as well as all Vipassana centres may avail themselves of the opportunity to earn merits by participating in the remaining beautification projects of the Pagoda.

Donations are also being accepted from non meditators too.

Important Pending projects USD INR
Landscaping around the Global Vipassana Pagoda
Landscaping the outer areas of the Pagoda, building parks and roads, laying water lines etc. will require about.
$530,000 2,50,00,000
Library: $60,000 30,00,000
Security and Information Centre: $445,000 2,22,50,000
Maintenance: Estimated cost is $900 (Per day) $324,000 1,62,00,000
Boundary Wall: $335,000 1,67,50,000
Pagoda Parikrama Flooring: $670,000 3,35,00,000
Landscaping: $670,000 3,35,00,000
Estimated Total Funds needed $3,034,000 15,02,00,500